Beach construction and maintenance works.

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Beach construction and maintenance works

Polaris Group has significant experience in offshore and onshore pipeline installations. We can assist in design, construction, and repairing of water intakes, outfalls, pipelines and channel crossings in all imaginable environments. Our knowledge and experience include supply.

Installation, repair and trenching for the pipeline with different materials. We have gained excellent gulf experience in all types of offshore and subsea construction projects. Polaris Group approach is to support client already in the conceptual design stage and offer its services for estimation, project management, engineering, and procurement up to and including installation and commissioning. We do not restrict ourselves to available technology; we develop new techniques and applications wherever necessary.

Services includes;

  • Onshore and offshore pipeline supply, delivery and installation
  • Pumping Stations and Water Treatment Plants
  • Potable Water Networks, Reservoirs, and Pumping Stations
  • Sewage treatment, Outfall and intake station installation, repair, and cleaning.
  • Seawater Intake and Outfall Pipeline Construction

Submarine Pipe Laying, trenching backfilling works

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