Divers supply and underwater diving works.

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Divers supply and underwater diving works.

Polaris Group has a wide range of experience in underwater operations and maritime services, specialized in diving operations. We have successfully completed many years of difficult projects for state and federal government agencies, power plants, engineering facilities, construction companies, municipalities, and private industry. We are commercial diving performs underwater civil and offshore works in all conditions.

We earned a reputation around the country for the exceptional service and keeping safety is our top priority. Apart from the above services we also design, develop and construct surface and sub-surface equipment for maritime sensors, video imaging, and seabed sampling.

Services provided as;

  • Underwater facilities installation, repair and maintenance
  • Seabed Survey
  • Underwater cutting, welding and repair works
  • Underwater painting and concreting.
  • Underwater photography and video
  • Vessels & barge survey inspections, cleaning, and repair
  • Underwater pipeline installation, repair, inspection, and maintenance
  • Underwater cable line installation, repair, inspection and maintenance

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